Panama: A Unique Travel Destination That Has It All

Panama stands apart from all the places you could visit. Not only does it connect two continents, but it also offers a mix of amazing nature and interesting culture. I had the opportunity to visit different cities in Panama as a tourist, and there is no other country where I feel more welcome. Panama is one of the only countries on the American continents whose economy has always been based on tourism and the service sector, so it is part of their culture to make foreigners feel welcome. Three places that are top in my opinion are Rio Hato, Panama City, and Isla San Blas.  

Rio Hato is one of the most unique places I have ever visited because I was able to enjoy the beach in the afternoon and go hiking around the volcano in the morning. Just two hours from Panama City airport. Driving is recommended for three reasons: you’ll see beautiful scenery, try authentic food, and connect with locals. Rio Hato is the ideal destination for those who are unsure whether they want an adventurous or peaceful vacation. Also, this place is very budget friendly. Rio Hato is home to a variety of hotels and resorts, some of which are all-inclusive, meaning you don’t have to leave the hotel because they offer nightclubs, children’s performances, a variety of restaurants, and adventure packages for a low cost. Some of the resorts I have stayed at with my family that I recommend are Royal Decameron, Hotel Riu Playa Blanca, and Red Frog Beach Island. Rio Hato is ideal since it is so diverse that you don’t feel the need to adjust to the surroundings because they adapt to your needs.  

Panama City is a beautiful city that doesn’t have anything to envy about other first-world cities. Tourists like the city because there is a balance between learning about the history behind the country and being able to enjoy the modernity that it has to offer. Panama City has one of the most iconic engineering marvels in the world, the Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Panama City’s population has been diverse since they started building the canal. A lot of the workers were foreigners, and a large percentage of the population is bilingual, so there is not much of a language barrier. If I were to give you a recommendation, it would be to buy a package that takes you to Panama Viejo and the Panama Canal. Personally, these are the two attractions I recommend the most if you are going for a short period of time.  

The San Blas Islands are known for their clear water, awesome beaches, and lots of green trees and plants. Islas San Blas is home to the indigenous Guna people; the islands showcase vibrant culture and tradition through colorful huts and textiles. You can do fun stuff like swimming, chilling on the beach, and learning cool things about Guna culture. It’s a calm and peaceful place where you can enjoy nature and learn new stuff. Isla San Blas gives you the opportunity to choose between staying in your hotel and enjoying their amenities or going on adventures and trying to immerse yourself in the Guna culture.  

Panama is a wonderful place to visit because it has a bit of everything: beautiful beaches, fascinating culture, and friendly people. Rio Hato is great if you want both beach time and adventure, while Panama City offers a mix of history and modern life, with must-see spots like the Panama Canal. And then there are the San Blas Islands, known for their stunning beaches and the chance to learn about the indigenous Guna culture. No matter where you go in Panama, you’re sure to have an amazing time exploring and enjoying the welcoming atmosphere.