Harlem Review

Hall Of Fame-Harlem 

The Hall of Fame is a very famous place in Harlem because there are a lot of graffiti murals that express love, different cultures, and styles. This is a place where the people of Harlem and tourists go to see the newest art (graffiti). This place is located at E 106th, Ave park. The hall of Fame is also named as “El Museo del Barrio” which is the museum of the neighborhood, this is because of its arts that it contains. The Hall of Fame is also for the famous people that the graffiti art contains. 

The main purpose of the arts in the Hall of Fame is to connect the community and every different culture. Also, street graffiti is a way of making Harlem a better place, and it makes it seem as a place where you feel loved. This means that people that come from another country feel safer and attached to this place because they see that people are counting their culture, making people not feel alone in their process, in this new country. 

In this image that shows one of the murals from Harlem around the Hall of Fame is based on a famous music artist named Tito Puente , he is very important for the Latin community, he was born in Harlem but his parents were Puerto Rican. The song name “Oye Como Va” was a hit in Harlem and most of the country in North and South America. This graffiti was made to make the Latinos feel like they have a place and are being loved. 

This graffiti has meaningful details like the yellow (a primary color)  in the background which represents energy, happiness and joyfulness. The yellow color was a perfect match for Tito Puente since he was a person that spread so much joy. 

This street art is also located around the Hall of Fame in Harlem, but this art has a different meaning, a stronger meaning. This graffiti is one of the most loved ones because of what has happened in the world with people of colors. This graffiti has so many details that says a lot, as it’s shown in the image these people are saying “Black Lives Matter’ which was the protest that happened almost 4 years ago, this issue stated with the death of George Floyd, a black men who was murdered by a police officer but also because of Breonna Taylor and this issue was spread around the world, it was one of the biggest events. Since there’s a big community of people of color in Harlem, this graffiti was used as a way to be heard. The issue of grafting matters because street graffiti is a way of communicating what one itself is feeling or it can be a voice for the entire community, but also a way of making the community feel supported and loved. The author of this graffiti is Yuri Kochiyama. Yuri made this mural to identify Harlem as a black community. Also as it shows in the image we can see two bridges connecting into a world, which means that we are all from the same world, all of our lives matter because at the end of the day we are all human.