Harlem Review

Hall Of Fame-Harlem 

The Hall of Fame is a very famous place in Harlem because there are a lot of graffiti murals that express love, different cultures, and styles. This is a place where the people of Harlem and tourists go to see the newest art (graffiti). This place is located at E 106th, Ave park. The hall of Fame is also named as “El Museo del Barrio” which is the museum of the neighborhood, this is because of its arts that it contains. The Hall of Fame is also for the famous people that the graffiti art contains. 

The main purpose of the arts in the Hall of Fame is to connect the community and every different culture. Also, street graffiti is a way of making Harlem a better place, and it makes it seem as a place where you feel loved. This means that people that come from another country feel safer and attached to this place because they see that people are counting their culture, making people not feel alone in their process, in this new country. 

In this image that shows one of the murals from Harlem around the Hall of Fame is based on a famous music artist named Tito Puente , he is very important for the Latin community, he was born in Harlem but his parents were Puerto Rican. The song name “Oye Como Va” was a hit in Harlem and most of the country in North and South America. This graffiti was made to make the Latinos feel like they have a place and are being loved. 

This graffiti has meaningful details like the yellow (a primary color)  in the background which represents energy, happiness and joyfulness. The yellow color was a perfect match for Tito Puente since he was a person that spread so much joy. 

This street art is also located around the Hall of Fame in Harlem, but this art has a different meaning, a stronger meaning. This graffiti is one of the most loved ones because of what has happened in the world with people of colors. This graffiti has so many details that says a lot, as it’s shown in the image these people are saying “Black Lives Matter’ which was the protest that happened almost 4 years ago, this issue stated with the death of George Floyd, a black men who was murdered by a police officer but also because of Breonna Taylor and this issue was spread around the world, it was one of the biggest events. Since there’s a big community of people of color in Harlem, this graffiti was used as a way to be heard. The issue of grafting matters because street graffiti is a way of communicating what one itself is feeling or it can be a voice for the entire community, but also a way of making the community feel supported and loved. The author of this graffiti is Yuri Kochiyama. Yuri made this mural to identify Harlem as a black community. Also as it shows in the image we can see two bridges connecting into a world, which means that we are all from the same world, all of our lives matter because at the end of the day we are all human. 

Harlem Review Assignment

A Home for Hip/hop Dance Evolution

Abdullah Minar English 21001 Professor Berner 4/12/24

Peridance Center stands as a beacon for dancers looking for not honestly a place to examine, but a network to develop inside. For the past years, I’ve had the privilege of calling Peridance Center my dance dome, specially exploring the colorful global hip-hop internal its nurturing include. This assessment aims to capture the essence of what makes Peridance Center a haven for dancers of all expertise stages, and why it has been my chosen hub for honing my craft.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Peridance Center is its unwavering commitment to fostering a supportive environment. From the moment you step through its doors, you’re greeted with warmth and encouragement, regardless of your proficiency level. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a complete novice, there’s a palpable sense of camaraderie that permeates the studio space—a feeling that you’re part of a larger family united by a passion for movement.

This sense of inclusivity is mainly evident within the hip-hop dance instructions presented at Peridance Center. Led via teachers who are not simplest skilled specialists but additionally passionate mentors, those instructions offer a safe area for dancers to discover and express themselves authentically. Whether you’re delving into the complicated footwork of old-faculty breakdancing or studying the fluidity of cutting-edge and rock and roll hip-hop styles, there is a class appropriate to each dancer’s interests and abilities.

Moreover, Peridance Center’s dedication to nurturing talent extends past the studio partitions. Through workshops, overall performance possibilities, and collaborations with renowned choreographers, dancers are given the equipment and help they need to thrive both artistically and professionally. Whether you aspire to perform on level or simply dance for the sheer joy of it, Peridance Center empowers you to pursue your desires with self belief and determination. Beyond its commitment to excellence in dance education, Peridance Center also boasts state-of-the-art facilities that enhance the overall learning experience. With spacious studios prepared with top-notch sound structures and sprung flooring designed to limit impact and prevent accidents, dancers are supplied with an most fulfilling environment in which to train and excel. Additionally, the center’s convenient place inside the heart of New York City’s vibrant dance scene guarantees easy access to a wealth of cultural sources and opportunities for growth.

In my two years at Peridance Center, I’ve no longer best witnessed my own abilities evolve however additionally formed lasting friendships with fellow dancers who share my passion for hip-hop. The sense of belonging and assistance that permeates this network has not best enriched my dance journey but additionally stimulated me to push myself beyond my consolation quarter and try for excellence in all elements of my existence.

All in all, When I was reviewing the Peridance Center, I was feeling that It stands as a shining instance of what a dance institution must aspire to be: a welcoming, inclusive space where dancers of all backgrounds and abilities can come collectively to study, develop, and skills. Whether you’re a pro professional or a curious beginner, Peridance Center offers something truly special: an opportunity to discover the transformative power of dance and forge meaningful connections that enlarge some distance beyond the studio walls. For anybody searching for a supportive environment in which to discover the world of hip-hop dance, I wholeheartedly advise Peridance Center as the ultimate destination for artistic growth and personal enrichment.

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Harlem Review Draft

Christian rodriguez Tlamani

ENGL 21001

I decided to choose the Black Panther party/movement of the 1960s that emerged as a powerful

response to the pervasive racial injustices that were prevalent in America during the 1960’s era. I

decided to choose this because of the rich history behind multiple movements and those who

lead them such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. The black Panther movement Founded by

Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, sought to challenge systemic oppression and advocate for the

rights of African Americans in the face of racism and inequality. Their legacy continues to show

through history, inspiring movements for social justice worldwide for Africans Americans living

in the United States.

The reason why the Black Panthers arose, and why it still relates to me and you now. Is one of

deep-rooted racial tensions and systemic discrimination. Despite the gains made by the Civil

Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, African Americans continued to face widespread

prejudice, economic difficulty, and police brutality.

The assassination of prominent civil rights leaders like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

showed the urgency of the struggle for racial equality, creating a new generation of activists to

take bold action. This being seen in the “Black Lives Matter” movement, this matters now. These

forms of oppression are still prevalent today and racism between people is still alive. And not

just among African Americans.

While reading and watching articles and documentaries I was very impressed on how much

adversity African Americans during this period had to deal with. An example being the

assassination of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King and still having both the courage and

determination not to give up on the main goal at hand. The trying of pushing back on the

oppression that was put upon them.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Black Panther movement was its emphasis on

community service and organizing. Understanding that meaningful change required more than

just protest, the Panthers initiated a range of programs aimed at addressing the social and

economic needs of their communities. These included free breakfast programs for children,

healthcare clinics, and educational initiatives designed to empower and uplift Black youth. By

providing essential services and support to underserved communities, the Panthers demonstrated

their commitment to improving the lives of those most affected by systemic injustice which i

really thought was inspiring.

Despite their work, the Black Panthers were often vilified and misrepresented in the media and

by the government. showed as militant extremists and threats to national security, they faced

intense scrutiny and repression from law enforcement agencies and political authorities. targeting

the Black Panthers The portrayal of the Black Panthers as violent radicals that the people feared,

further isolating them from mainstream society. Which I thought made me think about the

amount of propaganda that was prevalent during that time.

However, within their own communities, the Panthers were celebrated as heroes and symbols of

resistance. Their commitment to standing up to injustice and defending the rights of the

oppressed earned them widespread admiration and support among African Americans who saw

them as heros of their cause.

The challenges they faced, the Black Panthers left an indelible mark on American history and the

struggle for racial justice, which I really commend. Their legacy continues to inspire generations

of activists who are fighting against systemic oppression and inequality, such as the hispanic and

other minorities. The lessons learned from the Black Panther movement. The power of collective

action, the importance of community organizing, and the need for solidarity in the face of

adversity remain as relevant today as they were half a century ago.

I believe that it is essential to recognize the ongoing struggle for racial justice and equality.

While significant progress has been made since the 1960s, systemic racism and discrimination

persist in many forms, impacting the lives of African Americans and other marginalized

communities. From police violence to economic inequality, the issues that the Black Panthers

fought against are still prevalent in society today, underscoring the need for continued activism

and advocacy.

In conclusion, the Black Panther movement of the 1960s was a pivotal moment in American

history, challenging systemic oppression and advocating for the rights of African Americans in

the face of entrenched racism and inequality. Their legacy continues to inspire movements for

social justice worldwide, reminding us of the power of collective action and the ongoing struggle

for racial justice. As we confront the challenges of today, the lessons learned from the Black

Panthers remain as relevant as ever, urging us to stand up against injustice and work towards a

more progressive society for everyone.